There will be no Labyrinth Society Online Auction in 2020 as we have had it in previous years. Changes are in the works! In the meantime, if you would like to Donate to the Labyrinth Society, visit our Donation Page.

This action-packed event provides a fun and engaging way for members and non-members around the world to support our organization. Many thanks to those who have responded to the auction in past years...please consider participating again. 


Give a little and get a lot in return.

Whether your offering is valuable, collectible, or a gently used item, your participation is an invaluable part of our fundraising efforts. By donating an item or service directly online, you'll be helping to raise money for our organization, and you'll receive a mention on our site that can link back to your own web page.

Any donated item or service, large or small, will be appreciated. The more items we have, the more money we can raise. Suggestions include products, services, expertise, anything labyrinth, gift cards, gourmet items, retreats, trips, art collectibles, books, home & garden, and things specific to your area of the country -- or world! Items do not need to be limited to labyrinths or labyrinth-related themes. Anything will do! Be creative. And if you happen to be friends with a large corporation or very generous donor that could become a sponsor, that would be AWESOME!

Remember holidays, birthdays, weddings, graduations, and more when you shop:

Can we count on you to reach our fundraising goal of $8,000? 2019 is a busy year for TLS as we face a significant website upgrade, improvements to the World Wide Labyrinth Locator, and ongoing development for a new World Wide Labyrinth Locator App. These projects cost money - real money - and we need your help to bring them into fruition. We envision a future where The Labyrinth Society is able to meet and exceed the needs of our members and other labyrinth enthusiasts around the globe. This requires ongoing investment in our technological infrastructure and now is the time for TLS to make these upgrades. Will you help us? Please consider donating to the Online Auction and help spread the word.

We accept many types of donations and they don't need to be labyrinth-related (although that certainly helps!). Perhaps you are doing some tidying and have labyrinth-related items ready for a new home? Do you offer a unique service or product? Why not donate it to the auction? It's time to start gathering items and considering how you are able to contribute. Our auction site is now active with a blue link to BiddingForGood at the top of the page. Fill out one donation form per item and be sure to indicate how you will handle shipping your item. For more information and additonal help, contact our TLS Auction committee at Let the auction fun begin! 

As always, the proceeds from the on-line auction support the general fund and worldwide work of The Labyrinth Society. While generosity is its own reward, please remember the tax advantages of giving if you itemize your tax deductions. Thank you for helping to keep TLS moving forward!

Blessings along the path,

Katja Marquart

TLS Treasurer and Chair, TLS Annual Online Auction Committee