Donations to The Labyrinth Society

You can make a difference and show your appreciation for all that The Labyrinth Society offers to the worldwide labyrinth community from educational resources and learning opportunities to cross-cultural connections and annual Gatherings. Making a financial gift to The Labyrinth Society helps ensure the experiences, services, and opportunities you have known through TLS will continue to be offered now and for future generations of labyrinth enthusiasts around the world. Thank you for your support!

  • Donate now online (with a credit card through PayPal).
  • Print and mail our donation form (.pdf 33K) to The Labyrinth Society, PO Box 727, Hilton, NY 14468.
  • Call our office at 585-392-3601.
  • Include TLS in your annual giving and estate planning.

While generosity is its own reward, please remember the tax advantages of giving if you itemize your tax deductions. We can also receive donations of appreciated stocks and bonds. Please call the office for more information.

Thank you for helping to keep TLS moving forward!

Tax-advantaged gifting is an indispensable element in enabling TLS to successfully pursue its mission: To support all those who create, maintain, and use labyrinths and to serve the global community by providing education, networking, and opportunities to experience transformation. Donations in a variety of forms are encouraged and deeply appreciated.

The Labyrinth Society, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under the US Revenue Code. Gifts are tax-deductible as permitted by law. A printed receipt is mailed in all instances and should be retained to document charitable contributions for tax purposes. 

Donations may be designated to specific categories as outlined on our online and downloadable forms or left undesignated to be distributed at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Donation Categories:

General Operating Fund: An unrestricted gift to the GOF helps to underwrite the day-to-day costs of operations (office supplies, postage, telephone, staff wages, etc). 

Torrez Scholarship Fund: Enables membership grants to individuals who are otherwise financially unable to join TLS. It is our long-established policy that no one will be denied membership due to economic constraints.

Media/Digital Publications Fund: A restricted fund for the purpose of production and distribution of visual media designed to promote the creation and use of labyrinths in a variety of settings such as health-care facilities, prisons, public parks & buildings, churches, schools, etc.).

Special Projects: TLS currently gives small grants, restricted to no more than $300.00, as seed funding for labyrinth construction projects struggling to get underway.

Research Fund: Provides small grants for researchers working to document the beneficial potential of labyrinth use on a variety of psychological and physiological dimensions.

Apps/Smartphone Apps Fund: A fund for the purpose of developing and maintaining labyrinth-related apps that may be used on web-enabled devices.

Publications: Assists with the production and distribution of TLS-sponsored labyrinth journals and how-to support materials.

Website Development: The fact that you’re reading this on our extensive and informative website is a testament to the very substantial investment we’ve made in creating the underlying infrastructure.  It’s the most expensive, yet also the most effective modality of our commitment to public education.  Please consider a contribution to this important work of worldwide service. We are raising money for a new membership manager at this time.

Gathering Scholarship Fund: Helps to enable attendance at our Annual International Labyrinth Gathering by individuals who would otherwise be unable to participate in this inspiring yearly event.

World Labyrinth Day (WLD): WLD is a growing event, and money donated will help us with outreach to the world beyond our organization.

Capital Equipment Fund: Assists with maintaining equipment (not real estate or software) used in the daily operating activities of The Labyrinth Society.

Annual Gathering Fund: Donations made to this fund are used to support the Annual Gathering. For example, these funds may be used to help reduce the cost to attend the Annual Gathering for all participants by helping to offset the overall Gathering costs - a savings that directly affects those who attend the Annual Gathering.

Donate to the Labyrinth Society indirectly by going through the Labyrinth Society website when purchasing items from or the Labyrinth Society's Cafe Press Store. Just click on the links through the website that say Cafe Press and purchase official Labyrinth Society products! You can also donate items or bid on items in our annual Online Auction.