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DVD Translation – The Next Frontier!

Spanish is one of the six official languages of the United Nations, and TLS is about to make it one of the official languages of its very own DVD.

As a part of upholding our mission to support all those who create, maintain and use labyrinths, we want our DVD to be accessible to populations who speak languages other than English.

Over 400 million people speak Spanish as a native language, 60 million people who speak it as a second language, and 20 million students will learn it as a foreign language this year alone.

Imagine being able to effectively reach this percentage of the world’s population with information about the labyrinth. That is exactly what TLS is undertaking and we need your help!

Thanks to TLS members Ronald Esquivel and José Cuesta, the DVD transcript has been translated into Spanish. We are now embarking on the work to manufacture a new Spanish DVD proof, master, and cover, as well as other aspects of production that will require funding.

Please help us raise money to make this a reality! Now is the time to indulge your stealth donor desires and charitable giving graciousness. To make a contribution toward this aspect of the DVD, please follow the links to Donations found on the TLS website and specify your intention.

And if you are interested in becoming a part of the DVD translation committee, please make yourself known! Hallie Sawyers, Education Outreach Chair, is eager to talk with you and put you to work. 

How to Order the Current DVD:

If you are a member of The Labyrinth Society, hopefully you’ve enjoyed the new DVD, Labyrinths for Our Time streaming live on the TLS members-only website and can now request your free hard copy as a membership benefit.

Each current TLS member may, upon request and payment, receive one free copy for $6 (the cost of shipping and handling). Please allow up to 4 weeks from request to receive your DVD. If you are a financial donor, appear in the film, or contributed images that are featured in the DVD, you will automatically receive a post-paid complimentary copy.

There are two ways to order your member copy:

  • USPS: Mail a check payable to TLS to: TLS DVD, The Labyrinth Society, PO Box 727, Hilton, NY 14468 USA.
  • PayPal: If you have a PayPal account, access the PayPal website and then send payment to Be sure we have your correct shipping address.

You can purchase additional copies or direct others to make retail and wholesale purchases at

If you are not a TLS member, perhaps you create, maintain or use labyrinths? Maybe you are a part of the global community interested in labyrinths, looking for education related to the labyrinth, or ideas on how to incorporate labyrinths into an aspect of your community. If so, this DVD is designed to assist you.

US Wholesale purchasers are responsible for collecting and reporting the sales tax on the merchandise they sell and will be required to submit a copy of their resale certificate to TLS. Once that certificate is on file, a wholesale code will be issued, allowing purchase of the DVD at $14.95 per copy. Wholesalers: please contact our Executive Director for assistance in moving through the ordering process.

We anticipate the DVD will be a vital tool in spreading awareness and inspiring the growth of labyrinths world-wide, and we are eager to hear your experience of using it to further your work. Please send comments to the TLS Education Outreach Chair. We also invite you to post your experiences with using the DVD on the TLS FaceBook page or The Labyrinth Society on Facebook - Events. to help spread the word.

We thought you might appreciate a way to advertise it with those in your life interested in labyrinths and at labyrinth events, so we’ve also created a downloadable Promotional DVD Flyer (.pdf 165K) to do just that!

About the DVD

A dynamic educational and marketing tool for any labyrinth enthusiast, this multi-faceted presentation features labyrinth experts from all over the world speaking about the value and benefit of labyrinths in public places including churches, prisons, hospitals, schools and universities, parks, and recreation areas. 

Hear labyrinth historians, labyrinth builders, hospital administrators, counselors, religious officials, and teachers talk about labyrinths as the center point for many activities, including employee health, team building, curriculum development, creative problem resolution, ceremonies, spiritual care, and holistic healing within traditional medical settings.

Learn how to approach decision makers with the facts that will help facilitate acceptance of a labyrinth project. This DVD makes an effective case for the installation and use of labyrinths as peaceful havens where people can rest, relax, appreciate life, enjoy contemplation, relieve stress, and enhance creative pursuits.

See labyrinths from all over the globe being used by individuals and groups as a quiet oasis where people can pause, step out of the frenetic pace of life, and take time to rejuvenate. Labyrinths can be centerpieces which add unexpected beauty to any landscape or environment.

Take a visual tour through labyrinths being used as: tools for outreach, gathering, and renewal; centerpieces for curriculum development; holistic complements to traditional and western healing; and therapeutic resources in educational and business settings.

Now, if all this ‘buzz’ about labyrinths has whet your appetite to have your own personal copy of the DVD in-hand, visit to get your own copy!

DVD Project Donor List (.pdf 25K)

DVD Image Information and Credits (.pdf 43K)