Energy Keepers: The Energy Facilitators Role

“Now, more than ever before, we can tune into what is happening anywhere on the earth. We can get ‘real time’ images of disaster or images of compassion brought right into our living rooms. With this increased knowledge and awareness of world events comes a greater responsibility on our part to do something about them. We have a responsibility to co-create a brighter future—a future where love is present—where compassion flows from one to another; a future where fear and hatred are replaced by love and acceptance.

“We ourselves hold the key. Our primary task is to raise ourselves as individuals to a level where we can hold the energies of love and compassion and share these with our family, friends, and all those around us. As we do this, their energies will flow into ours and we will become stronger. Our individual sphere of influence energetically will grow and expand to encompass more individuals.

“This is part of the role of the energy facilitator. Our task at hand, and our challenge, is holding the light of increased vibrations and higher levels of love energy. Being able to hold such energies and direct them outward to others is at once a beautiful gift and a unique and powerful challenge.

“As the levels of energy available to us increase, we have a greater opportunity now to incorporate these into our lives. More and more people are becoming aware of subtle energies and their effect on our lives. This is a reflection of the growing consciousness which we are witnessing and which we are a part of.

“We are both participants in and recipients of this new energy and the new consciousness that goes with it. As we raise our consciousness and our vibration individually, we assist in the raising of the planetary vibration and in the evolution of our species. At this point in time, this is our assignment.”

“Living from the Heart: Exploring Subtle Energy in the New Millennium,”
by Mark Greenia

“Our real work is prayer.”

Mother Maribel CSMV, Superior
Community of St. Mary the Virgin
Wantage, England

“I grew up in a deeply religious environment in central Texas, where people prayed all the time; but I threw religion overboard when I went off to college and fell in love with science. I had no interest in prayer again until, during my practice of internal medicine, I occasionally began to bump into patients who had horrible diseases and who received no medical treatment - yet their illnesses went away following prayer.

“One patient I encountered during my first year in medical practice had terminal lung cancer for which no treatment was given; members of his church prayed nonstop for him and the cancer totally disappeared. I did not take these cases seriously, however, until the mid-80s, when I discovered the existence of scientific studies, dealing with humans and animals, showing the effects of prayer. After years spent researching this evidence, I became convinced that it is one of the best-kept secrets in medicine.”

Larry Dossey, M.D.
Barbara & Larry Dossey Website