The Resources pages of the TLS website contain educational information to help you integrate labyrinths into your life. Learn about, experience, and create labyrinths.

ABOUT LABYRINTHS - Educational material and basic information.

Labyrinth Types - A guide to the many kinds of labyrinths found all over the world.

Sacred Geometry - Three different ways to relate Sacred Geometry to the labyrinth.

EXPERIENCE LABYRINTHS - Opportunities to use labyrinths.

Activities for Kids - This page has labyrinth information and activities created for young enthusiasts.

Artline Project - This project is focused on building labyrinths along the 39th latitude. Build your own or visit one of the existing labyrinths on the Artline.

Download a labyrinth - Download and print them for your own use or install a screensaver.

Virtual Walks - Walk the labyrinth online!

FAQs - Frequently asked questions about labyrinths.

LABYRINTHS IN USE - We examine ways that labyrinths are used in a variety of settings such as schools, hospitals, retreat centers, churches, prisons, and public places like parks - and the benefits. Also, we see how people went through the process of getting approval to place labyrinths in these locations.

LABYRINTH LOCATOR - Find a labyrinth wherever you roam.

MAKE A LABYRINTH - We will be adding how to make several popular styles of labyrinths, along with pertinent tips and hints to make the job easier. Currently we have instructions on how to make a masking tape Chartres Labyrinth. Check our Activities for Kids link for a simple way to make a seven circuit labyrinth using the seed pattern.

MARKETPLACE - Locate products and services or advertise your own.

MEDIA - Documents, Audio, Video, interviews full of information about labyrinths and the labyrinth community.

RESEARCH - Up-to-date information about labyrinth research and an invitation to participate in an ongoing research project.

Research Bibliography - Research study abstracts.

A to Z - A complete index of our web pages in alphabetical order.

DOWNLOADS - A complete list of downloadable files on our site.

EXTERNAL LINKS - Places off our site that will provide more information.