Wisdom Circle

The elders in Native American and other indigenous tribes were revered because they had seen and experienced more of life than most of the others. This experience translated into wisdom and they were sought after for advice and counsel. The Wisdom Circle of The Labyrinth Society serve in much the same capacity.

The Wisdom Circle is comprised of former members of the board of directors — many of whom were founding members. The purpose for designating such a group was to create a body of people who have the early knowledge of the organization who could be called upon when knotty issues arise.

"The invariable mark of wisdom is to see the miraculous in the common." 
 ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Members of the Wisdom Circle:

Ault, Judy

Bandiera, Dr. Nancy

Biltz, Sherry

Blackton, Stephanie

Blassingame, John Wayne

Brinton, Christiana

Buckman, Robert

Cain, Marty

Caroni, Rita

Carothers, Leslie

Compton, Vanessa (deceased)

Comstock, Carol Posch

Curry, Helen

Evans, Toby

Fenty, Connie

Ferre, Robert

Fillmore, Randy

Foster, Sue Anne

Gallagher, David

Hanna, Ruth (deceased)

Harris, Mary

Harris, Neal

Hees, Gael

House, Carol

House, David

Howlett, Lars

Hunner, Chuck

Johnston, Dan

Joyce, Judith (deceased)

Keesee, Cindy

Keiser, Vicki

Kermeen, Debi

Kermeen, Marty

Kinneavy, Kay A.

Laishley, Lilan

Langley, Beth

Lanser, Taffy (deceased)

Larson, Marilyn

Lonegren, M.A., Sig

Lorimer, Jodi

Marquart, Katja V.

Maurer, Carol

McLaughlin, Dr. Patricia N.

Miguez, Joe (deceased)

Milligan, Mark

Moriarty, Lisa Gidlow

Nash, Sarah

Niven, Dan

Ramadei, Pamela

Reynolds, Annette F.

Rhodes, John W.

Ridder, John

Royer, Harriette

Rudebock, C. Diane

Ruyts, Kathy

Sandor, Kay

Saward, Jeff

Saward, Kimberly

Sawyers, Hallie

Schultz, Ellen D.

Shibley, Stephen

Terry-Kehner, Diane

Torrez, Kay (deceased)

Wang, Leah

Wasko-Flood, Sandra

Whipple, Kay

White, Pamela S.

Williams, R. Jane

Wiltshire, Sadelle